Rachelle Rogers

I work full time as an Escrow Officer at a title company. During this pandemic, I have been working 50+ hours a week closing loans and helping people achieve their dreams of becoming a homeowner. Have you ever bought a home? I am the person who sits at the end of the table and explains each document to the new buyers and sellers. Because of this, I have been at great risk of catching Covid-19. My job doesn’t save lives and I don’t want to take away from the first responders, nurses, doctors, police officers, and EMT workers who help people overcome and survive crisis’ every day. But I am a closer. I go to work so I can hand the keys to a single mom who has been saving for years and working 2 jobs to get a roof over her children’s heads. I hand keys to people that are new in our country and want to live the American dream. I hand keys to newly married kids in their 20’s who are so excited to start a family in their brand new home. I am the person who walks elderly couples through the difficult process of deeding the home they have loved for 40+ years to a new family because they can’t handle the upkeep of it anymore. My job doesn’t save lives, but every day it gives people new beginnings. The pandemic has caused so much unknown and uncertainty in everyone’s day-to-day and I think that is why my job is so rewarding and important. In a time of fear, I get to walk into work each day and hand someone keys to their future.

I have worn glasses for 15 years. LASIK would be such a gift and make my job so much easier. I am constantly looking down at papers and looking up at clients. If you have ever worn glasses, you can understand the frustration of the constant need to push them back up on your nose. No matter how tight or how new the glasses are, they always fall off of my face.

I have been wanting to get this done for a long time. However, I am a mother of 2 small girls. Even though the health of my eyes is important, I can’t seem to justify spending $5,000 on an elective procedure when I could put the $5,000 towards my children. The opportunity of possibly having this done for free is so overwhelming to me.

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