Greg Burns

My name is Greg Burns, I am the Director of Operations for a company in Zionsville that manufactures and distributes hygienic cleaning tools mainly for the food industry. Like many others, my experience during this pandemic has been a wild crazy ride. When this began my company was going through changes in management and I was brought into a temporary-to-permanent role that may turn into a promotion to the Director of Operations. This was when the rest of the company started working from home. I had to quickly jump into the role of managing a warehouse, purchasing, inventory, and take on a new team of people. I had to come up with new processes to make everyone who was an essential worker feel safe and secure while we all lived through this together. We had to take social distancing measures, temperature checks, and I have ended the last 2 hours of each day during the past three months disinfecting equipment and surfaces to keep everyone healthy. During all of this time, I was also planning a new venture for our company as we were bringing machines over from Denmark to start producing a line of products here in the US that have been made in Denmark for 150 years. During this time of changes and stress, my own brother was hospitalized with stage 4 cancer in the Cleveland Clinic and had to struggle alone for two months in the hospital. Meanwhile, my father was going through his own struggle with lung cancer and chemotherapy. To say the least, this has been a very stressful time for me and my family. My brother was blessed to have a cancer-free announcement just a few weeks ago after going through three emergency and lengthy surgeries alone. Now he is a hero for sure!

I do not like talking myself up for anything like this, it frankly feels quite strange. Like anyone who wears glasses and contacts like myself the dream of waking up and seeing clearly is just that, a dream. I play the squinting game each morning to see the clock and often pick it up to put right in front of my face to see it! 🙂 I have worn glasses since I was 9 years old and started wearing contacts at the age of 16. As everyone knows wearing glasses and a mask do not mix! Your glasses fog up making it difficult to see. I also have dry eye issues when wearing my contacts. Working in front of a screen during the day, it can be a struggle.

LASIK surgery would be a life-changing life-altering event for me. On top of saving money for my family, the days of expensive contacts and glasses would be over. I am sure there are much more deserving people for this but if you feel you would like to vote for me that would be fantastic! If not I am sure anyone who receives this will be deserving and grateful. I was happy to find out someone nominated me for an honor like this.

Thank You

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