Caroline Kirby

I’m Caroline and I work at a busy downtown Whole Foods. During this pandemic, my days have been spent working with food and getting orders ready that customers place online so that people can have their groceries delivered and minimize their exposure risk. It feels good to be able to help people, especially since many people who order online are high-risk and cannot go to grocery stores themselves. The pandemic has increased the number of orders we get so much that I often need to work 6 days a week or stay after my shift ends to finish orders because we don’t want anyone to go without food. We wear masks and gloves for safety reasons, but masks don’t always mix well with glasses. Often talking to a coworker or customer with a mask on will cause my glasses to fog up!

Along with working, I have 4 wonderful kids. My oldest two have online schooling and my youngest are identical twin girls who have lots of doctor appointments with specialists and twice-weekly therapies due to multiple health issues. I wouldn’t trade my kids for the world but they keep me very busy!

I’ve been dreaming of getting LASIK for years, but it has been hard for me to save enough money while raising young kids. It would feel amazing to be able to quickly run to work or take my daughters to their appointments without having to stop and worry about putting contacts in or glasses on, and not having to carry glasses would give me one less thing that I could misplace (or that my kids could move! 🙂 ) It may sound silly to some people but I would love to cross LASIK off my bucket list! Better eyesight would make my days a little brighter and my life a lot easier. Thank you so much for considering me!



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