Types of LASIK Offered

At Price Vision Group in Indianapolis, we know that traditional LASIK isn’t the best option for everyone. We make a point of investing in the latest technology and the most advanced training so that our patients have the best quality of care and results from their LASIK procedures.

Eye surgery patients from across the country come to Indianapolis for treatment at Price Vision Group. If you would like to explore your options for refractive surgery request a free screening or call us at 317-814-2933 to schedule an appointment.

“I have seen better than 20/20 ever since my LASIK with Dr. Price over 10 years ago, and as I understand it, the procedure has only gotten better since then. The staff was truly amazing in their knowledge of eyes, and the doctors were all wonderful in how they took the time to explain things to me and make sure I was comfortable.” – Tony Sterret (click here to see full testimonial)

Your LASIK Options

Contoura Vision – Beyond LASIK

The first major advancement in LASIK in more than a decade, Contoura Vision takes the already proven results of LASIK to the next level. In the Contoura FDA clinical trial, nearly 1/3 of patients (30.9%) could see better after LASIK than they could see before with their best glasses prescription. As leaders in LASIK, Price Vision Group performed the first Contoura LASIK cases in the state of Indiana.


Epikeratome laser-assisted keratomileusis is a laser vision correction procedure that combines several advantages of LASIK and PRK. During the LASIK procedure, a blade is used to cut a flap in the outer part of the cornea, the flap is lifted back, and the inner tissue of the cornea is reshaped with the excimer laser. During PRK, the outer covering of the eye (the epithelium) is dissolved with alcohol, and the excimer laser reshapes the exterior of the cornea. This requires a bandage contact lens to be put in place while the epithelium heals itself.

Epi-LASIK combines the flap creation of LASIK with the ability to treat the outer portion of the cornea of PRK, for what is essentially a “surface LASIK” procedure. Using a device called an epikeratome, the surgeon separates the epithelium to create a flap in the outermost part of the eye. Then the excimer laser is used to reshape the surface of the cornea, and the epithelial flap is put back in place.

There is no blade, as with LASIK, and no alcohol, as with PRK, which can mean a more comfortable recovery with less risk of complications. Patients with corneas too thin for LASIK may still be candidates for Epi-LASIK.


The LASEK procedure is similar to Epi-LASIK in that it is applied to the outer surface of the cornea. Instead of making a flap in the epithelium (as in Epi-LASIK), or dissolving it completely (as in PRK), LASEK uses a diluted alcohol solution to create what is essentially an epithelial flap. The surgeon moves this aside, reshapes the outer surface of the cornea with the excimer laser, then puts the flap back in place to act as a natural healing bandage.

LASEK has a faster, more comfortable recovery time than PRK, and reduced risk of flap complications as compared to traditional LASIK. It can be a great alternative for patients who aren’t good LASIK candidates due to thin or irregular corneas.

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The best way to determine if LASIK is a good option for you is to request a free LASIK screening here at Price Vision Group, or call us at 317-814-2933 to schedule your appointment.

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